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New Varkun is a “Build your own Adventure” style Space Amino, where players and npcs compete for survival in a wide and diverse galaxy for players to begin all sorts of Journey’s in. Whether you want to be a Corporation, a consumptive Hivemind, or a simple Space Trader, New Varkun contains the choices and systems that support you and allow the player to have the best space rp experience available on Amino.

New Varkun has a diverse Galaxy, with Various NPC factions for you to communicate and deal with, this diversity allows the most immersive experience for you as possible, we here on the New Varkun Staff Team seek your enjoyment as a player and will continue working in the amino to make you have the best experience possible

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Following the UCI[3], a incident caused by a power and particle output failure of the Ka'Vall Array facility at the center of the galaxy, leading to multiple universes colliding and making the galaxy hundreds of times bigger than ever imagined. Following this, new threats from new universes and new species had the chance to awaken from long ago in places like the Void and the Core. As well as the rise of the TMO threat and it's seemingly endless deathmarch to destroy and convert life in what it considers the 109th Crusade for Expansion. As well as the occurence of the Ka'vall Empire having to resort to weapons of an Age past, the old Genes contained within the Ka'Vall awakening as Precursors Worlds awakened to life, the Ka'Vall preparing a war for reclamation of worlds lost to the new empires of the galaxy. Meanwhile, newcomers find this new expanded universe as an oppurtunity to find riches and make profit, such as the Tarakoni Conglomerate, better known as "Space Wallstreet" for their role in the creation of the Galactic Stock Market.

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